Whey Protein


Whey protein for muscle building – high-quality protein for athletes

Whey protein for muscle building has been specially designed for athletes with a very intensive training program or the desire to lose weight. We have this protein product in our shop in various variations.
This whey protein is of high biological value and can be efficiently converted into muscle proteins by the organism. It is particularly suitable as a supplement to a strenuous workout with the aim of promoting muscle growth and maintaining muscle mass. Since protein powders like these are low in fat and carbohydrates, they are also suitable for athletes who are on a diet or want to control their weight.

Easy to use: whey protein for muscle building

The protein powder is available from us in numerous flavors ranging from chocolate and vanilla to strawberry. Before taking, the required amount of powder is mixed with water or low-fat milk using a whisk, shaker or blender. Especially if the product is drunk before training, it can contribute to improved muscle development. By recording after the workout, on the other hand, the regeneration phase can be shortened and the sports training can be intensified.

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